making sustainable agriculture accessible to all


Big Muddy Urban Farm formed in the winter of 2011 as a collectively run urban farm. The collective of 7 young growers grew food for their neighbors on several underutilized, vacant lots in North Omaha.


Good Food Organization 2015, 2016  // James Beard Foundation
Beginning Farmers of the Year 2015 // Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
Nonprofit Executive Institute Fellowship 2017 // Nonprofit Association of the Midlands


growing out of the city


Big Muddy Urban Farm’s curriculum unites theory with practice. The Aspiring Farmer Residency program sets a monetary goal based on prior farm performance and develops a new, unique business plan around this goal. While developing a business plan and executing the plan on growing sites, residents are guided in agricultural, business, and social topics via virtual education platforms.


Big Muddy is the nickname of the Missouri River. Mid-19th century pioneers described the river as “a mile wide and an inch deep.”

Farm Income (fiscal year 2016)


Farm Expenses (fiscal year 2016)