18 weeks of high quality, nutrient dense, fresh produce grown on vacant lots, all tested for lead and nutrients, in Omaha, NE.

6 week Seasonal Shares Available

$15 of Fresh Produce a Week

Two pick-up times: Tuesday or Friday evenings

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When Making a CSA Purchase you are Agreeing to…

The Pick-Up Agreement:

As a CSA member, I understand that it is my responsibility to pick up my share on a weekly basis. If I am unable to pick up my share at the designated date and time, I will notify Big Muddy Urban Farm via e-mail (bigmuddyfarm2018@gmail.com) at least 24 hours in advance in which I will note that someone will be picking up in my absence or that my share should be donated.

Risk Sharing:

***Joining a CSA means you are willing to share the risk of inclement Nebraska weather with us as well as support small, local-growers, eat seasonally, and form relationships with the people growing your food. In the event that crops are damaged, Big Muddy Urban Farm will do our best to provide members with the quantities and varieties we have available.***


By purchasing one of the following items below, I agree to the above terms and will pick-up my vegetables weekly. I also understand that quantities and varieties change throughout the season, and I will receive vegetables based on when they are available.


All Season

18 weeks: May 29th – October 5th

(sans Independence week)


Full Shares are closed. There are currently spots open in Summer and Fall shares, please select one or both of those below.


6 weeks: May 29th – July 13th

(sans Independence week)

Membership for Spring shares is closed. Look forward to Fall.


6 weeks: July 17th – August 24th

Membership for Summer shares is closed. Look forward to Fall.


6 weeks: August 28th- October 5th

~Select pick-up day~


What to expect in your seasonal boxes…



spinach, radishes, carrots, beets, peas, lettuce,


peppers, eggplant, green beans, tomatoes


potatoes, squash, garlic, onion

Where Does Your Food Come From?

Farmer Residents: Gavin Johnston, Laura Simpson, Kaya Baker, Shatice Jones, and Jess Dooley (From Left to Right)
Farmer Residents: Gavin Johnston, Laura Simpson, Kaya Baker, Shatice Jones, and Jess Dooley (From Left to Right)

“Where tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers therefore are the founders of human civilization” – Daniel Webster

Where does your food come from? Who grows it? How is it made? These are a lot of questions we might be asking ourselves nowadays with growing concerns over increasing chemicals in our environment and food system.

Luckily at Big Muddy Urban Farm we’re committed to educating our customers about their food system and the importance that sustainable agriculture has on our planet. All of our plots are checked for lead and available nutrients to ensure high quality, healthy veggies for you, and we’re implementing methods known to increase vegetable nutrients by 1-3%.

A great example of our relationship with our members is our CSA program. This has the benefit of consumers getting to know who exactly is producing their food, and gives the farmers the benefit of getting to know their customers! We’re a group of young passionate people and look forward to seeing everyone in the upcoming growing season no matter if you’re a customer or just a friendly face.

What’s in your Share?


At Big Muddy Urban Farm we believe in the rhythmic pattern of nature and that involves what is and isn’t available during certain parts of the year. Human beings are meant to eat a variety of different plants and the beautiful planet that we’re on provides that. We hope to show you the beauty each season has to offer with over 40 different varieties of fresh vegetables!

Nutrient Dense

We’re working diligently to ensure you a high quality product, and we really want to say that our produce is not only different, but better then what you find at your local grocery store. Green beans, for example, lose almost all of their Vitamin C in just a week! This is one of the reasons why we want to make sure you get the freshest veggies possible.


At BMUF we’re always thinking ahead. Not only are we thinking about next years residents, but we’re also working towards creating a sustainable environment for the next seven generations. We care about our soils health, and to quote Franklin D. Roosevelt, “a nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.”

 Two Pickup Options

Tuesdays 5-8PM
On-the-farm pickup (33rd and California St.)
Fridays 5-8PM
Gifford Park Neighborhood Market (33rd and California St.)



CSA Questions? 

Contact: bigmuddy2018@gmail.com