2021 Community Supported Agriculture

Enjoy weekly boxes of fresh, local produce all summer long!



Our mission is to provide fresh, locally-grown produce to the Omaha community.


Pick Up Locations and Times

Fair Deal Farmers’ Market (2221 N 24th St): Thursdays 5-7 pm

Gifford Park Neighborhood Market (520 N 33rd St): Fridays 5-7 pm

Big Muddy Urban Farm (3322 Burt St): Saturdays 9-10 am

Share Options and Price

June 3rd – Sept. 25th

Full-share: $20 in produce per week ($360 total)

Half-share: $10 in produce per week ($180 total)


  • CSA is a model used by farms, where members (you!) invest in the farm at the beginning of spring and then receive a portion of the harvest throughout the growing season. By investing early in the season, you will support a new generation of farmers and receive a weekly share of our harvest!

  • We’re in this together! By joining our CSA you are supporting local farming and sharing in our abundance! Joining the CSA also means you are willing to share in the risk of inclement weather or crop failure. In the event that crops are damaged, Earth and You will do our best to provide a quality product.

    • A weekly portion of our harvest throughout the growing season for 18 weeks.
    • A copy of our CSA Weekly Newsletter, spotlighting new or interesting produce and providing recipes to help you make the most of your membership.
    • A full-share is $20 of produce every week, usually recommended for groups or families with 3 or more people. 
    • A half-share is $10 of produce every week, usually recommended for 1-2 people. 
  • We are an urban farm located in the Gifford Park neighborhood of Omaha, NE. We are driven by a passion for sustainability, and we use regenerative agricultural practices to restore the land and grow the freshest and healthiest produce possible. Every year, our soil is tested to ensure that it is safe and full of plant-friendly nutrients. While we are not certified Organic, we use organic practices to grow our food. We farm without machine tilling, and we avoid using toxic chemicals to fertilize and manage pests.

  • Our hens are given new feed and fresh water every morning at sunrise and secured in their shelter every evening at sunset.
    Because Omaha’s colder climate can cause frostbite, we protect our hens with well-insulated shelters and cozy straw to snuggle in for the night’s rest. The secure shelter also protects hens from urban wildlife like raccoons and opossums. (Chickens know when it’s bedtime! Visit our farm and you’ll notice how each bird meanders inside single file as the twilight air stills around them.)
    Our coops are cleaned every 2-4 weeks for the health of the chickens and the food safety of the eggs.

  • We follow guidelines by CDC and Douglas County Health Department regarding COVID-19 when handling and packaging food.


[ email: residents@bigmuddyurbanfarm.org ]