Meet the Team

  • Kaya Baker

    Jess Dooley

    Gavin Johnston

    Shatice Jones

    Laura Simpson

  • Kia Beason

    Emily Hefeli

    Cadence Hernandez

    Taylor Jespersen

    Terry Salem

  • Big Garden

    City Sprouts

    Community Bike Shop Omaha

    Gifford Park Neighborhood Association

    Legal Aid of Nebraska

    Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society

    Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

    Sherwood Foundation

    Weitz Family Foundation

  • Board of Directors

    (from left to right, top to bottom)

    Audrey Paulman

    Dennis Magnuson

    Jen Miller

    Richard Callahan

    Michelle Elson-Roza

    Ali Yahnke

    Lori Tatreau

    Emily Anderson

    Executive Director – Brent Lubbert
    Before starting the farm, he helped film”Growing Cities: a film about urban agriculture in America.” The film has aired nationally on PBS and screened at many film-festivals across the globe. Additionally, he serves as Board President for the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society and was a 2015 Future of Food thematic resident at the Bemis Center for
    Contemporary Arts.